• Accelerator NS/TBBS

Name:Accelerator NS/TBBS
CAS No.:95-31-8
EINECS No.:202-409-1
Initial M.P. (Min):104℃
Loss on Drying:0.50
Type:Rubber Accelerator
Application:Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber Common Use Antioxidant
Storage:Dry and Cooling Place
Place of Origin:China

Product Description




Light yellow granule

Melting point


Reduced weight of heating


Ash content


Insoluble matter of methanol


Sieve residue(20 mesh)



Grey-white powder (granules). The density is 1.26-1.32. Soluble in benzene, chloroform, carbon disulfide, propanol, methanol, ethanol, insoluble in gasoline, water, dilute acid, dilute alkali.


TBBS is an after-effect accelerator for natural rubber, butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and reclaimed rubber. Especially suitable for carbon black rubber with strong alkalinity. Safe at operating temperature, strong in scorch resistance, fast in vulcanization speed and high in tensile strength.

TBBS/NS can increase the proportion of synthetic rubber used. Low toxicity and high efficiency, it is an ideal substitute for NOBS and has excellent comprehensive performance. It is called standard accelerator.

Widely used in the production of radial tires. It can be used in combination with aldehyde amines, anthraquinones, and thiuram accelerators. When used in combination with the scorch retarder PVI, it forms a good vulcanization system. Mainly used in the manufacture of tires, rubber shoes, hoses, tapes and cables.

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