• Antioxidant IPPD/4010NA

Name:Antioxidant IPPD/4010NA
CAS No.:101-72-4
EINECS No.:202-969-7
Soften point:70.0 °C
Loss on Drying:0.30
Type:Rubber Antioxidant
Application:Plastic Auxiliary Agents, Rubber Auxiliary Agents
Storage:Dry and Cooling Place
Place of Origin:Hebei, China

Product Description


Initial M.P. (Min) ≥ °C


Loss on drying (Max) ≤ %


Ash (Max) ≤ %


Assay(GC) ≥%




High purity IPPD is white solid, placed in the air will gradually oxidized into a brown solid. Industrial products are purple brown to dark brown granules or flakes, the temperature will be more than 35-40 ℃ caking. Soluble in gasoline, benzene, acetone, ethyl acetate, dichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride, toluene, ethanol and other organic solvents, do not dissolve in water. It belongs to p-phenylenediamine rubber antioxidant. This product is pure white powder, exposed to air oxidation of brown solid. In addition to a good antioxidant performance, there are anti-ozone, anti-curl cracking and inhibition of copper, manganese and other harmful metal role. Its performance and antioxidant 4010NA similar, but its toxicity and skin irritation than the 4010NA is small, the dissolution characteristics in the water is better than the 4010NA.



Its main used in tire, rubber shoes, belt, hoses automotive mounts so on. IPPD belongs to the phenylene diamine rubber antioxidant, it has better compatibility with the rubber, not easy to spray cream, less volatile, low toxicity, with excellent resistance to ozone, anti-cracking, Cracking, copper and manganese and other harmful metals. It has a strong inhibitory effect, applicable to all types of synthetic rubber and natural rubber. It has good dispersion in the rubber compound, softening effect on the rubber, making little effect on the curing. It can be used for various types of rubber tires, but also can be used as polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylic resin thermal oxide stabilizer.

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