Rubber Auxiliary Market Weekly News ( 5.23-5.29 )

The price of accelerators remained stable. Affected by the rise in aniline, sulfur and carbon disulfide, some companies were willing to try to raise prices under cost pressures, and some accelerators in the market showed signs of rising slightly. However, as downstream demand is still limited and market competition is still strong, whether the price of accelerators can rebound substantially depends on the market acceptance and the rise in raw materials.


The price of antioxidant 6PPD was significantly stop to reduce due to the increase in the price of aniline, the price of antioxidant IPPD continued to remain stable, and the price of antioxidant TMQ was stop reduce affected by the rebound of aniline and acetone. With the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, some downstream companies plan to stop and reduce production plan, and the tire factory operating rate will drop slightly. It is expected that the price of antioxidant 6PPD will continue to run weakly, and the price of antioxidant TMQ has a certain upward expectation driven by cost.


The supply of insoluble sulfur remained sufficient, and prices rose slightly driven by costs;

The price of zinc oxide remained stable,

The price of stearic acid continued to decline slightly.

The transaction price of silane coupling agent was slightly lowered.

The price of anti-scorch agent was still high and stable.


We are tracking the CNY price trends of main rubber auxiliary agent as following:






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